When to choose a beginner Waist Trainer? This is when you never had an Original Colombian Waist Cincher before. Or when you start waist training for the first time. The easiest way to start and to lett your body adjust to waist training is to choose a Classic model or a Fitness Belt.

A Classic Waist Trainer has an inner layer made of cotton and an outer layer of medical grade latex. These are the most comfortable models with strong compression and a beautiful hourglass shape to it. World Wide a best seller for a waisted figure.

Classic Waist Trainers can be worn daily for a long period of time and are almost invisible underneath your outfit. These models are not made for diehard working out in them. Ofcourse you can wear them when walking or running.

Fitness Belts also contain the same medical grade latex but they have a velcro fastener. Due to this type of fastener you can decide for yourself how tight you want to wear your waist cincher. This gives you a lot of flexibility. And that makes this model great for working out and beginner waist trainer. These Fitness Belts are short so gives all the focus around the waistline.

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